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  • In no way does the cock ring interfere or tear the condom

    IP: Logged The general principle seems to be that, for example, a school should not put up a cross on the wall or lead prayers before every class because that might infringe on the religious freedom of (or discriminate against) individuals. But more recent court challenges (Texas, Arkansas, Florida), some of which have been furthered […]

  • 25,000 commissions went to enlisted men

    GDOT is contra flowing I 16 from I 95 in Savannah thru Dublin. This means the eastbound lanes will be reversed to westbound moving traffic. Saturday, but this 125 mile stretch and sealing off the traffic could take a while. Fremantle should be fresher for Friday blockbuster, after a week off from bruising finals footy. […]

  • 14 7 Carlos Sastre (Spa/Cervelo Test Team) +1

    My brother Jim had been sent to man a search light battery at Forest Row, East Sussex. At weekends I would cycle down to see him from our home in Carshalton, Surrey. On arriving there for the first time I found that I wasn’t the only visitor there because many of his soldier pals had […]

  • In addition to their inter group games

    Favor laws to prevent workplace bullying but believe that laws have not been passed because employers worry about lawsuits (63%) or don understand differences between bullying and harassment (59.7%). Bullying can be directed at anyone regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender, age, disability or skin color. Harassment is treating someone differently because of those differences.. […]