Should company directors be held accountable for the company’s actions

Should company directors be held accountable for the company’s actions? This is not something that Congress can correct or replace. The question becomes whe더킹카지노ther shareholders can give the company a chance.

It’s true that corporations’ responsibility for sociapronxal responsibility goes beyond their CEO. Many of their actions are designed to prevent their employees from feeling or behaving in a manner that would be thought to threaten their reputation. But this is hardly the only ethical problem the CEO poses.

He’s a master of marketing: the company’s message is so clear that many of its shareholders will buy it. If there was one thing I didn’t get from my Harvard MBA, it was that the student had been so far on the wrong track that her own corporate actions would be the catalyst for her failure. If a corporate board needs to have a corporate conscience, it should be the one that says what the firm is going to do and does it—not vice versa.

Some people would be inclined to question the rightness or fairness of such behavior. It seems reasonable to be cautious in evaluating company performance. Some questions to consider are: Why, with so many millions of dollars at stake and with such an easy money incentive, did the company not follow a more realistic and responsible path? Why did it turn a blind eye to possible problems that could have led to its downfall, when it would have been wise to do so?

For too long, companies have been focused on the bottom line rather than on caring about what its members mean. These days, a corporation’s focus is on its bottom line. As a result, the top half of its annual revenue is being earned from just 5 percent of the entire company. And in this way, it is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the business.

I think a firm’s executives should face these basic qu더킹카지노estions and be willing to face criticism of their actions—when there is it—not when they try to hide behind the corporate boardroom. But I do not think we as a society need to turn on the moral compass. The fact is that we have created a world of profit and profit-making in which one person is often paid well and another has no recourse but to put aside his career, get a little overzealous, and get a little sloppy to take care of the people who are suffering in society.

Culture, and especially the workplace, is a vital part of a company’s identity and strategy and they can’t operate without an ethical culture. I hope that we all become better leaders and better consumers of life i

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