Us under fire over airport security crackdown

Us under fire over airport security crackdown

“We have a responsibility for each other in terms of security, whether it is a Muslim or a non-Muslim,” said Abdulla al-Agha, one of the leaders of the party.

“At present, the public perception of me is that I am a terrorist.”

The party has accused the Egyptian president of failing to act over security concerns following the June 4 att바카라사이트ack on the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

On the same day that the party was inaugurated, Mr al-Agha’s cousin, Abdulhakim, was sentenced to five years in prison on charges of insulting the prophet Mohammed in a video he posted to YouTube last year.

This is the second time the party has received scrutiny over security, with Mr al-Agha and Mr al-Agha’s son, Adel al-Agha, both being arrested in January.

A prominent Salafi party in Egypt, the Mus우리카지노lim Brotherhood, is accused of carrying out several a더킹카지노ttacks in the past.

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