Meet the photographer behind viral river murray footage

Meet the photographer behind viral river murray footage

The photographer, who has never shot with a GoPro camera before, says더킹카지노 he was inspired to capture the viral phenomenon by a trip to the River Thames when바카라 he took video on his phone of “massive manmade flood”.

When the river burst, a photographer took an immediate interest and spent hours trying to capture the moment using only his phone’s video. In the end, he was unable to capture the moment with his cameras, but managed to capture what it really looked like, with the river clearly visible from his apartment balcony.

Photography expert Dr. Richard Capper says the pictures are definitely something he will never forget.

“I didn’t plan on bringing this shot to the internet, but then I read about the flood from a number of people on Instagram, and thought I’d share it here on Facebook.”

This is the second recent flood incident in Cambridge, as the city is expected to see a major water event this weekend. The rain has been 더킹카지노falling in Cambridge, and was expected to continue throughout this weekend.

It is already clear that a lot of residents in the city are already aware that the city is facing a major water emergency.

It may be difficult to find information on Cambridge city’s website about the flood, as most of the information about the flooding is currently on the phone number the emergency line is on for people who live close to the river.

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