Concerns a religious iranian minority being targeted by a brutal dictatorship

Concerns a religious iranian minority being targeted by a brutal dictatorship

The Muslim minority in Albania has received no official protection following the violent coup attempt in the country last October.

In a desperate bid to reassure its citizens, the local government of Belgrade has launched two security projects to assist the minority, which have been dubbed Belgrade’s “war of words”.

The first aims to train local Albanians to defend themselves from potential attackers by having them respond with their own weapons while their fellow citizens use their guns.

“If somebody comes out of their house armed they will face danger from us. They will face violence. It’s our duty to stop him as soon as possible,” Zara Karaman, the national police chief, told the Guardian.

The second project, set up by the central government in Kosovo, aims to have a special police unit specially trained to intervene between Albanians and the majority Serbs, who constitute just 6.6 per cent of the population, at least during periods of “high tension” of the past week.

Kosovo’s armed forces are only equipped with assault weapons and anti-tank weaponry.

The “war of words” is the latest twist in Albania’s long-running conflict with Serbs over the region’s largely autonomous western, southern and eastern Albanian enclaves, the region being split between Kosova and the majority Serb north.

The armed response to a crisis, which saw Albanian authorities arrest more than 100 ethnic Serb people, is a signal to the UN-backed Serbs Belgrade that security will be provided.

A spokesman for Belgrade, Gheorghe Boiko, said the campaign aimed to create “more trust in the police force and improve their operations”.

“The authorities’ efforts are to바카라 prevent an increase in tensions in the north, and they also want citizens to understand that we are not trying to get into a confrontation with the Serb state over these enclaves but rather to support a positive understanding of one another,” he said.

“We are very happy that the internation더킹카지노al community has recognized the importance of Serbs and of the situation as they see it, and we hope that its attention will not stop us from fulfilling our mission in Kosovo.”

But some of the community are not convinced of Belgrade’s plans.

A 25-year-old Serb man from the eastern Adana region, who would only give his name, told the Guardian: “There are people from Serb families wh

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