Tango stars to tour australia

Tango stars 더킹카지노to tour australia

Aussie musician and singer-songwriter Matthew Beaumont has teamed up with Australian rockers Tango to promote their upcoming tour of Australia.

The pair, who both grew up in Tasmania, are touring Australia and New Zealand, with a stop in Adelaide.

“We really enjoy touring in countries we haven’t been in for a while, such as Australia and New Zealand where there are a lot of people who have lived there for many years,” said Matthew.

The pair also have plans to tour other parts of South-East Asia, inclunatyasastra.comding Singapore and Singapore’s largest city, 우리카지노S$5bn.

“It’s amazing to see how our love of music has affected these countries and how we’re doing right now,” Matthew added.

On Facebook, Tango’s website and Facebook group, the music video by the group, “We Live in this” has garnered almost 70,000 views as of this morning.

Tango on tour Australia

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