Man pleads not guilty to mackay murder

Man pleads not guilty to mackay murder

Former rugby league club Newcastle Knights star Jameis Winston was charged with murder and assault on May 21 after police believe he fatally shot his estranged wife, ex-girlfriend and former boyfriend in their home on New Year’s Day 2013.

Trenton-based Detective Inspector Scott Wilson said: “It’s obvious that it was an act of murder and the court agreed.”

The former world-saver and the former Kings teammate’s lawyer Michael Gorman said he is looking forward to a trial.

The 53-year-old played마이다스카지노 the last 20 years of his career with the Knights and has seven Super League titles and 15 NRL titles between him.

His estranged wife is the daughter of former NRL footballer Pauline Gillis.

The trial, in Sydney’s Sydney District Court, resumes at lunchtime.

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In a statement to the court on Wednesday, Winston’s mother, C바카라 카지노hristine, said she believed it was a “planned and organised” attack on their family.

She said she believed the incident was “a calculated, premeditated murder”.

Ms Gillis said there was “blood pouring out” from the house.

She said the couple’s six-year-old son was in his room when she returned home one day to find blood all over the couch and the front of their clothes.

She also described a period of anger.

Trenton Crown Court heard Winston had been separated from his estranged wife earlier that year, when his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Gillis, also suffered from mental illness.

“He was still upset by this so h카지노e would do everything he possibly could to hide from us,” she told the court.

She described Samantha as a “loving, sweet person”.

In a separate statement, her sister, Marissa, said their family had been “devastated” by Winston’s death.

Image copyright AAMI Image caption The couple’s six-year-old son was in their room when he returned home from school one day to find blood all over the couch and the front of their clothes

Police said a domestic disturbance took place outside the couple’s home on April 5, 2013, and police were called the following day to investigate.

Officers found the couple dead in their bathroom.

The court was shown a 911 call made to police by the woman they said had shot Winston.

She made no mention of Winston’s former girlfriend at th

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